Welcome to Performetry’s
People + Revenue Analytics

Quick and easy implementation

Supported by our dedicated customer success team and/or company founders
Step 1
Procurement and the signing of customer agreement
Step 2
Technical setup and data integrations
Step 3
Start gathering data, insights, and predictive analytics

What will I get?

Our platform offers various analytics solutions, including the following use cases:
Analyzing the key drivers of revenue, costs, and risks
  • Dashboards, graphs, and data tables depicting key revenue, cost, and risk drivers
  • Dashboards, graphs, and data tables showcasing top performer traits and behaviors
  • Identification of key employee groups and segments
  • Downloadable reports for convenient sharing and analysis
Using ai to uncover incremental revenue opportunities
  • Quarterly opportunities for boosting revenue through accelerated growth, cost optimization, and risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive information for each opportunity, including measurable metrics
  • A structured opportunities pipeline for streamlined project management and reporting
For any questions, please reach out to founders@performetry.ai

Trust, Privacy, Security, and Compliance

Please, visit our dedicated Trust & Security page

How long does it take to get results?

Action item
Who is involved
Day 1
Procurement and the signing of customer agreement
CHRO/CRO/CEO/CFO, customer legal team, Performetry's legal team
Day 2
Security review
Customer security team, Performetry's customer success team
Day 3
Technical setup and data integrations
Customer IT team, Performetry's engineering team
Day 4
Data import, propagation, and analysis
Performetry's engineering team
Day 5
Web platform initial review
CHRO/CRO/CEO/CFO, Performetry’s founders
Day 6-15
Web platform launch

What data is used to build the ML model?

HRIS data, sales CRM data, and metadata from work tools;
Examples of metadata used:
Type of message (direct, public, private)
Time and date of message
% of active users
Time since promotion
Hire date
Number of recipients
Type of message recipient (internal, external)
Direct / group message
Time passed till reply
Termination date
Number of follow-ups before reply
Type of device used
% of participants with video turned off
Start / finish time
Number of leaves
Type of leave
Employee performance level
Employee level
Value of sales pipeline
Win rate
Number of prospects per sales rep
Time spent with customer
Conversion rate per pipeline stage

What is Performetry’s secret sauce?

Performetry pairs previously unmatched datasets to offer an unparalleled, holistic view of all factors that impact revenue
Maximize efficiency and uncover incremental revenue
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